The changing face of meth use in Missoula

May 16, 2016 - KPAX


Methamphetamine is flowing into Montana at an alarming rate and use has spiked statewide over the past several years, leaving a trail of devastation it its wake.

Graphic depictions of symptoms of meth abuse became commonplace in Montana in the early 2000’s. now, a new group of users is baffling law enforcement and the Montana Meth Project.

First time users are getting older and drug investigators are seeing the increase in meth busts align itself with an increase in child drug endangerment cases. Back in 2010, Montana Child and Family Services reported 230 kids in care of the state because of meth. But now, well over 1,000 children are now wards of the state.

“The alarming part of it is you have parents who the safety and well-being of their child is supposed to be front and foremost, before anything else, yet they end up smoking methamphetamine and they’re exposing their child,” said Missoula Police Detective Sergeant Ed McLean, who oversees the HIDTA Task Force.

Reporter Augusta McDonnell goes On Special Assignment during the Monday 10:00 News to find out more on the domino effect meth use has set off across Missoula’s cops, courts and foster care system.

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