Anti-Meth Mural

June 06, 2016 - KTVH

(MTN News-HELENA) More than 100 cans of spray paint, and 10 hours of work – and a mural was created with a bright message standing against meth use in Montana.

You can see the 8×32-foot anti-meth mural on a Helena Housing Authority building.

The graffiti reads “meth, not even once, not in our house” and displays iconic Helena landmarks including the Civic Center and Fire Tower.

The Montana Meth Project funded the art installation to be a constant reminder of the Helena Housing Authority’s commitment to fighting meth in the community.

Montana’s First Lady Lisa Bullock stopped by the mural to talk with Cole Kerby, the professional graffiti artist.

Kerby said of the mural, “I played with color and (used) happy looking characters instead of the typical dark and gruesome stuff that you see associated with this kind of subject.”

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